The city of Stormport sits on the east coastline of Rellia, the eastern continent of Myrinn. Considered the capital of Rellia, this bustling city is a trade hub for the people of Myrinn. People of all walks of life try to make their mark here in one way or another. From craftsman, aristocrats, you can find all types of people walking the streets, just not all in the same place.


The city is nestled on a peninsula at the mouth of Conqueror’s Bay. This city, along with Defenders Point, are tasked with stopping any creatures born of the Conqueror’s Mark from escaping the bay and being let loose on the world.

Governing Body

Stormport is governed by a oligarchy. The Council of Seven serve as the figureheads of the government, passing and maintaining regulations in the city. The reigning king, Lord Markim III, is seen as a cultural figure, but still truly holds the throne and power of the government.


The city’s main exports are lumber harvested from the forests outside the city wall, fabrics weaved from the cotton and wool collected in the city’s farmland, and grain also grown in the farmland. The main imports are metals, oils, and coal.

City Quarters

The Royal Quarter

The Royal Quarters are just that, for Royalty. Only the wealthy and royal blooded may walk or reside here. The Stormport Castle stands proud, surrounded by mansions, and wealthy shops and inns.

The Defender Quarter

The Defender Quarter is where the city’s military resides. A strong land and naval military presence is constantly active. This quarter is covered in barracks, military smiths, and has special docks for the naval force.

The Trade Quarter

The Trade Quarter is simply put, for trade. Full of shops and warehouses, citizens and visitors spend their gold here on crafted and imported goods, while shopkeeps and artisans store all they can in shared warehouses.

The Resident Quarter

The Resident Quarter is mainly residencies, inns, and artisan workshops. The biggest quarter of the city, it has many hidden and dangerous places where naiive travelers may end up and never leave again.


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